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Learn to Grow Your Own Organic Food by The Book Of Gardening

05.05.2021 22:00 - 03.08.2021 22:00
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My campaign is a way thru get the word out about my site and give commission to those who help me, and discounts for my customers of course. I'm also open to work together in more ways in the future!

All products are included in the campaign, that included the following ebooks: 


  • 51 Tips For Greenhouse Gardening  

  • Greener Living For A Greener World 

  • How To Attract Butterflies Into Your Garden. 

  • Herbs 101 

  • Ultimate Organic Gardening For Beginners  

  • Vegetable Gardening 

  • Making the Case for a Vegetarian Lifestyle 

  • Wonderful Strength Of Fruit And Vegetables 

  • Plant Based Eating 

  • How to get started with organic gardening 

  • Organic Gardening Basics 

  • The Advantages of Being a Vegetarian 

  • Organic Gardening: Beginners Guide to Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables 

  • How To Grow Your Organic Garden For Beginners 

  • Living Green: Tips For Reducing Your Carbon Footprint 

  • Greenhouse Maintenance 

  • Gardening Secrets For A Lush Garden! 

  • Gardening Made Easy 

  • A Healthy Guide To Eating 

  • 100 Gardening Tips 

With our ebooks we will explore the advantages of organic gardening growing your own healthy food as well as the best way to begin your all-natural garden. We'll give you ideas about mulching, weed control, and composting. Plus we'll make sure your garden and your body thrives without chemicals!

The ebooks are digital products and are delivered thru email instantly when ordered. It's not only about gardening, there are several books about eating healthy. I can send the books if you sign up for inspo.

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