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Sustainable Everday Must Haves by Rosies

26.04.2024 22:00 - 25.07.2024 22:00
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Welcome! Here at Rosie's we strive to provide premium everyday items to our customers with a huge bonus - all our our products are sourced in an environmentally friendly manner. To help ease the strain on wallets these days, customers can enjoy 10% off their first order placed through this advertisement so they can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with helping provide a heathier safer future. On the other side we will be providing a 5% reward to our partners to show our appreciation for their hard work.
Manna Butter Variety Assortment Pack : Both adults and children can enjoy these delectable spreads that are packed with both taste and nutrition in mind! Kata Candy Bowl - White (Set of 4): This charming and yet functional homeware boasts the refined skills of our trade artisans, which have been acquired through many generations. Organic Anti-Aging Trio Vitamin C + DMAE + Age Reversing Eye Serum: Want gorgeous, glowing, youthful skin? Then you have to try our dynamic facial serum trio that brightens and tightens skin while boosting collagen and improving skin elasticity.
Contributing to a more sustainable, heathier future is our top priority as we provide responsibly sourced premium products for our customers to enjoy. Plus they are able to feel good about their purchase because they know they are making a difference with reduced waste as well as natural alternatives to today's chemically infused options. Rather than specializing in one department, Rosie's is striving to become a one stop shop for the eco friendly. It is now our turn to care for Mother Nature as she has for us while simultaneously learning to embrace our true natural selves.
The first thumbnail is the company's official logo. While the color scheme isn't custom it is something I would like to try to incorporate these in the designs. This is a newer business with a very small following, but getting to where we need to be is something I can't do alone!