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Golden Ticket ~ Chocolate Love by Madame Sum

18.05.2021 22:00 - 18.06.2021 22:00
10% (Buyer discount) (min. cart items 5)
10 CHF (Social Seller reward)
Who doesn’t love 🍫? 🎫 5 golden tickets hidden in our chocolate dumplings boxes 🥟300 CHF worth of dumplings 🌇 Available in Zürich, Geneva and Lausanne JOIN THE HUNT : A 10% Discount on all dumplings is provided
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At Madame Sum we are on a mission to inspire you with great food. Our core products are frozen dumplings ready to steam in only 7 minutes, the flavors are everythingbut expected, always with a twist. We stand for homemade, creative dumplings to inspire you bite by bite.
What started off as a bromance in Switzerland ended up in a boiling multicultural brotherhood. Meaning: there’s always something cooking with these guys. Could it have something to do with their tendency to say ‘hell yes!’ to everything? Hell yes, it does. Bound by a soft spot for good food this collective of gutsy foodies see the world as one XXXXL kitchen. Regardless of any local cuisine, they follow their impulses and live to experiment. Claiming not one food culture inparticular, but mixing the finest elements of all of them, they’re the ultimate culture jugglers. Out of this attitude an unexpected culinary creation was born: the dim sum 2.0. Being in complete awe of traditional dim sum culture, the posse aims to honour it by consciously creating and producing their product. Fully aware of the craftsmanship it demands, with the utmost respect for ingredients and bearing in mind its environmental impact and sustainability.
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