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Lux Affiliate Campaign by Luxury Adornment USA

28.07.2022 22:00 - 26.10.2022 22:00
10% (Buyer discount)
15% (Social Seller reward)
Luxury Adornment is a luxury jewelry brand looking for amazing social sellers willing to earn GREAT commissions. Our most expensive product is $21,000, our cheapest is all of $25! High earning potential. 10% Customer Discount. 15% Social Seller Commission. (Premium social sellers can be eligible for higher commission)
Luxury Jewelry products made of sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. Premium luxury quality, affordably priced, USA based.
We are an AFFORDABLE luxury brand. We want to make sure that anyone, and everyone can get high quality, premium luxury jewelry- even if on a budget.
Our main audience is women, we do sometimes have men purchase engagement rings but our main market is women seeking jewelry for events, birthdays, etc.

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