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Wallet (Oruc) by Chimoda

24.09.2021 22:00 - 23.12.2021 23:00
20% (Buyer discount)
10% (Social Seller reward)
As our brand grows day by day, we have more and more happy customers. We want to keep growing; we want to partner with valuable social influencers like you to reach more customers. Actually, we need brand ambassadors. We will share 10% of the selling cost to our brand ambassadors, who will share a 20% discount coupon which is valid for our website. This is a true win-win situation. No minimum thresholds or overwhelming campaign terms. Be our brand ambassador now and let’s win together.
This kampaign is currently paused
Top Quality Genuine Leather wallets for men
We established Chimoda in 2017, driven by a vision of providing top-quality products at an affordable price. We have an obsession with quality, which we think is crucial. We want to grow in time and create relations with our customers, which will last for generations.

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